10/22 Cerakote

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Cerakote is a baked on ceramic finish which is hands down the most durable finish available for firearms. It's significantly more durable than bluing, or the factory paint that Ruger applies to the 'blued' receivers. Another plus is that it's completely impervious to the elements. Obviously you still need to take care of the bore and the other internals, but no more worrying about a little rain. 

 If you want your stock coated please send us an email due to variety of 10/22 stocks out there we can not set a one price fits all. 

Gun Candy is an additive that you mix with other coatings. In our case, we get the little vials of powdered glitter and mix them with Cerakote High Gloss Clear, one of the most durable clear coats on the market. The color of the Gun Candy is also dictated by what you put underneath it, so 99% of the time (and if we are doing a Gun Candy job on your firearm), we do a standard Graphite Black Cerakote job over all of the individual pieces first. That is partially cured, then the firearm is assembled as much as possible so that all of the metal particles will lay in the same direction when the firearm is assembled. The Gun Candy gets sprayed and since the clear is an air dry finish, it then gets hung in a sterile environment to cure for five days.


Feel free to ship any of these parts along with your trigger when you are getting trigger work to save on shipping overall! The options listed are our most popular colors and combinations.

1 Review

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    Posted by Randy Harbeck on Jan 20th 2021

    This work was done a 45yr old receiver. Looks like new and a perfect match to my new Whiskey Pig barrel.