Ruger 10/22 Parts

  • Volquartsen Bolt Tune Up Kit, Ruger 10/22

    This kit is awesome, one of the best little upgrades you can do to improve the reliability of your 10/22.  Both parts are EDM cut and hardened, literally the most precise and clean way to cut parts of this sort. The extractor hook is .005" closer...

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  • Brimstone Custom 10/22 Trigger

    Brimstone Custom 10/22 Trigger

    (We are working on a video for installing these triggers, but until then all we have is this write up. If you're just buying the trigger, the Brimstone Trigger Fitting Guide is all you'll need. If you're buying the full trigger Kit, you'll ALSO...

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  • Brimstone Custom BX Trigger

    Brimstone Custom BX Trigger

    This is our machined aluminum trigger ONLY. Just the trigger. Not a trigger group. Not a trigger job. Just the trigger, and maybe some springs and stuff if you choose to do that. Let me repeat. This is just the machined aluminum trigger, like...

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  • Ruger 10/22 Factory Trigger Group

    Back by popular demand, we are now keeping a stock of brand new factory trigger groups on hand. The intent here is that you purchase this group, then purchase whatever level and options of trigger work you are wanting. We will do the work, and ship the...

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  • Every pull magazine release includes one of our auto bolt releases, and in fact requires our bolt release to work.

    Brimstone 10/22 Pull Magazine Release

    After being out of production for a number of years, the old Rimfire Tech pull magazine release is being manufactured again by yours truly!  (Complete directions with pictures on how to install this can be found here.  We encourage...

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  • Ruger 10/22 Wrap Magazine Release

    Ruger 10/22 Wrap Magazine Release

    There's a number of folks manufacturing wrap around magazine releases, but this is hands down one of the best. It matches the contours of the factory trigger housing significantly better than most of the other options (even the more expensive ones),...

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  • Ruger BX Trigger Group

    Ruger BX Trigger Group

    Same as the factory groups, if you're looking for trigger work but don't have, or don't want, to send in your own group you can just buy one here. We will do the work on it (sold separately) and ship it off to you all ready to go. Just add this group to...

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  • Ruger 10/22 Bolt Buffer

    Replace the factory steel buffer with this synthetic one. Many feel that it helps reduce wear and tear on your rifle, both on the bolt, and on the aluminum receiver which gets hammered at every round. At the very least, it changes the sound of the rifle...

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  • Gunsmither 10/22 Barrel Block

    Gunsmither 10/22 Barrel Block

      On a lot of 10/22's the barrel does not fit very tightly in the receiver. Not exactly surprising since they just slide into a hole, and to say they are mass-produced is an understatement. The issue is that the factory V-block which holds the...

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  • Ruger 10/22 Auto Bolt Release

    Ruger 10/22 Auto Bolt Release

    (I feel like it should be pretty clear, but just to be safe, this product will NOT lock the bolt open on an empty magazine. There is one product out there which does that, but it's fairly expensive and requires modified magazines. Not that any of that is...

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