Status Check

This tool will NOT work for mailed in triggers. This tool will ONLY work for our walk-in customers. If you are looking for a status update on your trigger, click the red button in the bottom corner of your screen. Please understand that answering all the 'status request' emails does take quite a bit of time, and we do maintain close to a 1 week turnaround time on trigger work, or less. While your patience is much appreciated, we want to emphasize that you should not hesitate to contact us if you are legitimately concerned. 

To use this tool:


Enter the phone number you gave us when you dropped off your firearm, starting with the area code, without any punctuation or spaces. For example '(360)555-1234', would be entered, '3605551234.' This will pull up all projects in our shop attached to that phone number. You will see a fairly basic invoice; if the work hasn't been started, there won't be a lot of information.  

In the top right corner you can see the current status of the project, when it was checked in, if a particular gunsmith has been assigned to the project (most of the time they won't be), and an estimated completion date if one was given. 

As work progresses on the project the invoice will become more populated with work items, parts, notes from the gunsmith as they were doing the work, and a running total will be displayed at the bottom.