10/22 Cleaning Rod Hole Drilling

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The 10/22 is an ingenious firearm no question about it. But since the receiver is a cast aluminum box, you can't clean it from the rear of the receiver like you can on a bolt action. This means that you have to clean it from muzzle, which can be very damaging on the crown and eventually hurt your accuracy.

The theory goes that when you run a rod down the barrel, it's almost impossible to get it going exactly straight. This means that, somehow, at some point, the cleaning rod is going to flex and start to rub against the crown of the firearm. The theory goes on to say that repeated scrubbing with regular cleanings can eat away at the rifling right at the muzzle, where it's most important. 

There is another option however. Using a jig, we can drill a hole through the rear of the receiver that's perfectly lined up with your barrel. So you remove the stock, trigger group, and bolt from the firearm, and then you can run your cleaning rod through from the back of the firearm. This allows you to clean the barrel from the chamber end of the barrel. Yes it's still more of a hassle than a bolt action, but it's less of a hassle than doing all of that... and removing the barrel to clean it from the chamber end. 

Obviously for this you'll need to send us your receiver. If you are considering getting it Cerakoted, get it done at the same time. Although we are gentle and have the right tools, it's ALWAYS better to do any kind of machine work BEFORE you do the coating. It's like working on a car... the paint should be the last step.

1 Review

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    Posted by Randy Harbeck on Jan 20th 2021

    Definitely worth it to properly clean the 10/22 barrel