Assemble AR-15 Type Firearm, or Install Parts on AR

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It has been said that AR's are like Legos for adults, and it's not false. The principle behind AR's is that they are built from relatively complex parts, machined to relatively tight tolerances, which allows individual parts to be easily swapped out with minimal tools or fitting. This is, for example, in contrast to AK pattern firearms where the individual parts are much more simple, but the assembly process requires quite a bit more specialized tooling and some (slightly) more advanced metalworking skills. 

However, simpler does not necessarily mean easy, and there are aspects of assembling an AR where you simply must have the correct tools and/or knowledge. And that's where we come in. We've tried to put together a list of options here which will allow you to do as much assembly as you feel comfortable with, and let us handle the rest. You send us parts, we send you back a complete firearm. 

There are some things to be aware of. Assuming you sent us ALL the parts needed to build a fairly standard firearm (.223, 5.56, 300blk, .308, 9mm, etc.) and we can find magazines for it, we will test fire at least two rounds through the firearm. This will prove that the firearm can successfully eject and empty, chamber a new round, and lock open on empty. This test firing is included in the price. However there is a very wide range in the quality of AR parts available, and even if the parts are high quality on their own, there is no guaranty that they will play nicely with parts from another brand. You need to be aware that troubleshooting, repairing, and sourcing new parts for an AR that doesn't cycle is NOT included in the cost. And honestly, a lot of firearms that are pieced together require a little bit of tuning. 

Basically, you send us all the parts, we will assemble it, and test fire it. If it works, we box it up and ship it back no problem. If it does NOT work, you will get a phone call asking what you want to do next. We can start trouble shooting it and source/install correct parts, but there will of course be an additional fee for that. Or we can send it back with the notes about what we experienced, and you can do the troubleshooting yourself. 

If for example you are just having us assemble a portion of the firearm, there will be no test firing. Or if you send in the complete firearm but you're having us install a non critical part (like a handguard or a new stock, neither of which affect function) we will not test fire it. 

There is a huge variety of AR's and AR parts. There is no possible way that we can capture all the options available here, but please try to select the option that seems like the best fit for the work you want done. You will be contacted if, for some reason, the work you want done will be more expensive than what you purchased, and we will give you an updated quote BEFORE we do the work.