Blind Thread Protector

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Most thread protectors function very nicely to (as the name suggests) protect your delicate muzzle threads. But they usually don't look that great doing it. Even if you blend in the diameter pretty close, like we do on our standard thread protectors, the end still looks.... funky. You have the threads extending out visibly inside the thread protector, out past the crown. 

So we came up with this blind thread protector. It creates a 'cap' with a hole in the middle for the bullet to pass through. It looks better and provides outstanding protection for the threads and crown. Every one of these requires that protector is hand-blended into the barrel, so this is currently ONLY available when we are also refinishing the barrel. That also explains the price. It takes a solid hour to machine, hand blend, and polish this part.  

This upgrade is ideal when you are wanting to run a direct thread suppressor at times, and you are already sending in your rifle for muzzle threading and Cerakote.

Again, we require Cerakote to do this option. We assume you are adding Cerakote elsewhere on this order, so there is no option for it here.