Brimstone Elite Full Glock Build

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Our version of the "Roland Special". A full Brimstone build on your selected Glock and ship it to your local FFL for pickup. This pistol will come in a custom case with come exclusive goodies. You ready to customize your glock to have a functional work of art? Then you want this. We pride ourselves on putting function over looks and we believe after all the feedback and testing these combos will not steer you wrong. Base price includes Elite slide work, SLR magwell and 2 Mag extensions. Adding what you want goes up from there. 

Our Elite slide work is designed to to keep as much weight in the slide as possible, while giving maximum traction for slide manipulations in any conditions. Combined with direct red dot milling and you have yourself a one of a kind pistols ready for anything you can throw at it. 

Grip work provides form traction and index points to help get a perfect and repeatable grip during draw. It also helps with recoil management by not letting the gun slip in your hands. 

Includes SLR magwell and 2 TTI Base pads. 2-3 Month Lead time, could be longer if we are providing the pistol depending on availability.