Cut and Crown Barrel

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There are any number of reasons to want the barrel trimmed down a little bit, reasons that go well beyond the scope of this listing. 

Suffice to say that you want the barrel shorter. We can help. 

Please specify how long you want the barrel to be when we are done, and specify how you are measuring it. That may sound silly, but at a federal level barrel length is measured as the distance from the bolt face when the bolt is fully closed, to the end of the muzzle (or muzzle device if it is pinned and welded). Obviously this requires measuring the barrel from the inside, or removing the barrel and doing some math. Most normal people tend to throw a tape measure on the outside of the barrel and record the distance from the front of the recoil lug (or receiver if there is no recoil lug) to the end of the barrel. And that's totally fine, you just need to tell us that's how you are measuring it. The difference between the methods could result in a difference of up to a couple of inches. 

By default, we cut an 11 degree target crown on everything. We can also cut a step crown if you would prefer. We do NOT cut a rounded 'hunter' crown on anything.