Elite Grip Work

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Elite Grip Work: Whether you are setting up a range pistol or a carry pistol you can customize it any way you want with this package. Comes standard with chainmail texturing (in your choice of aggression) (subcomps will get mini chainmail, it flows better on smaller guns). Hybrid cut, single or double undercuts, index ramps or points, backstrap attachment, beavertail attachment, are all included in this package (Hybrid is extra for gen 5/p80/OZ9s)  More  features available for an extra fee as well! If you are running a magwell or planning to, you must include it with your frame so we can boarder to it and guarantee fitment without alterations.  

If you choose to have your frame cerakoted your stippling will be whatever color your frame originally is, unless requested otherwise. If you want your whole gun cerakoted (slide and frame or controls/slide/frame) please send us an email for a custom invoice. 

You must ship all Serialized firearms directly to us and they will be returned to the address they came from. Please print and included your order form in the package. You are responsible for following all state and federal laws regarding shipping a firearm.