Glock 509T Milling

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If holster wear/durability is a concern then we highly recommend going with our DLC as Cerakote is a wearable item. 

Cerakote and DLC are for the entire slide. (DLC adds 2-3 weeks lead time) 

We do not charge extra for disassembly/reassembly, if you send your entire slide assembly we will install and center the sights for you.

If you include new sights we will install the new ones at no charge.

The front edge of the optic cut is an angled relief cut to allow for easier install of the 509T. This will not affect reliability or function of the optic/gun.

If you want lower 1/3rd co-witness iron sight you will need a .225" Glock rear and a .225" Glock front. We recommend and stock Dawson blacked out sights.