Glock, Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, Optic Milling

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This work will allow you to mount your Leupold Delta Point Pro red dot directly to your standard frame Glock (G17, G19, G34, etc.) without any adapter plates. Because of the length of the DPP, it will remove your rear dovetail on most slides, except for the large frame guns which allow you to fit the red dot between dovetails.

You have three options for iron sights with this program

  • Run without a rear sight at all. This is totally up to you.
  • We can cut a new dovetail in front of the red dot sight. We have options for a lower 1/3 sight setup from Dawson Precision which you can order at the same time and we will install.
  • We can provide and install a Gallow Precision rear insert, along with a lower 1/3 Dawson front sight. This is easily the cheapest option to run a cowitness sight set with this. 
  • Of course, if you are sending in a large frame gun (.45ACM or 10mm) we can cut it between dovetails and you can keep your factory rear. 
  • And finally, Leupold does make a rear sight that fits into the back of the Leupold DPP. You MUST select that option if you want to run that rear sight, because our standard DPP slide milling WILL NOT WORK with the Leupold Iron Sight. It requires a special slide milling.

If you are wanting to provide your own iron sights, be aware that the distance from the top of the red dot base to the top of the slide will be .322", so any sights taller than that will be visible through the red dot. We recommend (and sell) the .385" tall Dawson Blacked out sights, which are pictured on the slide here for a lower 1/3 co-witness, and the .485" tall sights if you are wanting more of an absolute co-witness. 


2 Reviews

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    Great customer service

    Posted by Jeff Johnson on Sep 27th 2021

    Unbelievable customer service. I had failed to properly let them know I had the Leupold rear sight. They called me, asked questions, and got my information corrected. I also missed the fact that they only milled gen 1-4 on model 23. I had sent them a gen 5 slide. They called me again, and explained that they were not set up for that. I was expecting to get my unmodified slide back. Instead, he apologized, said he would write a new program, so that they could quickly modify my slide. They did exactly that- all at no extra charge. 10 stars is what this kind of customer service should get. THANKS! Jeff Johnson

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    Glock 34 slide w/ milling

    Posted by Chile Relleno on Jul 23rd 2021

    Amazing cuts on the slide, great window placement. The cerakote in tropic looks amazing as well. And the delta point cut does its job.