HK VP9 Deltapoint Pro Milling

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This will allow you to mount a Leupold DPP directly to your HK VP9 slide. WE MUST HAVE the entire assembled slide to do this project! Due to HK's design, we will need to shorten the internal safety plunger slightly. When done, the red dot will be holding in the internal safety plunger and spring, and as such you need to be extremely careful if removing the red dot for any reason. You will also not be able to use the plastic factory cocking tabs which sit underneath the red dot. This work will also remove the rear dovetail. The base of the red dot sits .314" above the top of the slide, so any sights to cowitness will need to be at least that tall. Pictured is a .395" tall front sight. When done, the holes will be tapped M4-0.7 to match the screws which came with your red dot. No fitting required if using factory screws.

You must send in the complete slide so we can shorten the safety!!!!