Operator Frame Work Package

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This is a frame setup made for hard use and is not advised for a CCW. This is an aggressive range/gun fighter texture that separates the men from the boys. This is preset package of features listed below and is not customizable minus cerakote. It was made to give you the most grip, recoil control, and ability to control the firearm. 

Cheese grater texture (aggressive), glove cuts, double under cut w/ support hand texture, hybrid finger groove (extra for gen 5/p80/OZ9 frames), beavertail attached or cut and attached, texture index ramps, Scallop mag release on gen 1-3 only. 

If you choose to have your frame cerakoted your stippling will be whatever color your frame originally is. If you want your whole gun cerakoted (slide and frame or controls/slide/frame) please send us an email for a custom invoice. 

You must ship all Serialized firearms directly to us and they will be returned to the address they came from. Please print and included your order form in the package. You are responsible for following all state and federal laws regarding shipping a firearm.