Pistol Iron Sight Install

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Installing iron sights is one of the most basic and fundamental projects in gunsmithing. But, for as long as people have been doing it... they have also been inventing new and creative ways to do it wrong. We rely on decades of experience and a huge assortment of tools to correctly remove and install sights.  

Sights can be especially complicated. You may have a 1911, and you want us to install sights that are 1911 sights, but there are easily half a dozen different styles of dovetails and other sight mounting systems that have been used on 1911 style pistols across the decades. You could have a Kimber pistol, running Novak dovetails. Or you could have a Kimber pistol running Kimber dovetails. Or you could bring us a Colt cut set with a new wide tenon front sight, but your older pistol is cut for a narrow tenon front sight.  

The point is, it is good to reach out to us directly with your firearm and sight information (or go through an authorized Brimstone dealer) before paying shipping to send something in that we cannot work on. If the work can't be done, and you are not going through a dealer, the shipping is non-refundable. 

If you are looking for sights, Trijicon makes some of the highest quality sights out there. You're going to pay for it, but they are good. For almost everything else, my first call would be to Dawson Precision. If you have a firearm and you are even slightly unsure about what sights to get, call them. They will talk you through the process and help you get exactly the right sights. You can send it in to us with confidence at that point. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are getting slide milling or Cerakote work done on a pistol, we will need to remove the iron sights anyway. If you want us to install different iron sights at the same time, we can do that and there is no additional charge. Just include the new sights with the firearm, or order them here at the same time.