PR Muzzle Brakes

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We have been installing these brakes for over a decade here at Brimstone, and they are incredibly popular. 

When you fire a rifle, there is a significant amount of rapidly expanding gases that erupt from the muzzle, turning the muzzle into a tiny jet engine for a fraction of a second. This is actually where the majority of felt recoil comes from. A muzzle device takes those gases and redirects them to the sides or towards the rear. Many brakes intended for competition use (or just through poor design) tend to get carried away, aggressively directing the gas towards the rear. Some AR style brakes are so aggressive that it feels like you are being lightly slapped in the face every time you pull the trigger, and it feels like the firearm starts to move towards the rear, then actually gets pulled forward again. 

Not saying that this is wrong, but many guys have gone hunting with brakes like that, and the first time they light off a 300 Win Mag without hearing protection and a brake like that, it nearly blows out their ear drums, and the resign themselves to running ultra light guns with high recoil for the rest of their lives. 

And then there are these brakes. Customer's state that they knock down 40-50% of felt recoil, without making it any louder for the shooter than a clean muzzle. Now, I'm sure that if you had a decibel meter out there it would be louder, but it is close enough to the same as makes no difference. If you are off to the side of the firearm, or if you are shooting under cover, yes, it will absolutely be louder. But out in the field while hunting, they are amazing. They are closed top and bottom, so if you are shooting prone it will not kick up too much dust. 

  • These brakes are the least aggressive brakes we offer, and we usually recommend them for anything up to 30-06, 308, 270, etc. Anything where the recoil isn't killing you, but you would like it reduced. Not to say 

  • These brakes are all raw stainless cylinders when we get them, and we will machine them to fit and blend in with your firearm. Attached is a picture of a rifle that we did years ago, back for some other work. We typically just taper the back of the brake into the barrel diameter as shown. However we cannot take the brake down to a knife edge, so if the threads on our rifle are close to the barrel diameter, you may have a small step where the brake meets the barrel. 

  • They all come with a .22 caliber hole through the middle, and we will ream them out to the size needed for your rifle.
  • If you want them to blend in more with your blued firearm, we can Cerakote them Graphite Black. That blends in as well as anything with a standard, modern, bead blasted blue finish. If your rifle is already stainless, we will do our best to blend in the final finish on this brake to the finish on your rifle, but you should assume the finish will not be identical. Both stainless, yes, but there may well be a visible difference in texture between the rifle and the brake. If you are also getting Cerakote work, we will install the brake and fit it, then apply Cerakote over the whole firearm.