S&W M&P, Trij RMR/SRO, Holosun 407c/507c/508t, Optic Milling

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This will allow you to mount your Trijicon RMR or Holosun 507c/407c directly to your full size S&W M&P slide. As described above, the rear dovetail must be milled away. You can machine a new dovetail ahead of, or behind the red dot, if you wish to cowitness. The window is roughly .200” above the top of the slide on both red dots, pictured here with .265 fronts which is our standard lower 1/3 setup. Holes will be cut with 6-32 threads to match the screws included with the red dots, some fitting may be required.  This will leave a small gap where it once was, running lengthwise from the breech face to the front of the red dot. The red dot will also cover your extractor pivot pin when done. You will not be able to remove your extractor without removing the red dot, and you may need to shorten your extractor pivot pin slightly to fit.

No loaded chamber indicator models



Front Sight:
Dawson, S&W M&P, Front, .265” Tall, .100” Wide, Black, 1/3 Co-witness with Trijicon RMR Milling 

Rear Sight in front of red dot:
Dawson Rear Fixed, .280 Tall, .125 Notch, Black, 1/3 Cowitness S&W M&P Trij RMR 

Rear Sight behind red dot:
Dawson, Glock Rear, .325T, .125W, Black, 1/3 co-witness S&W M&P, Trij RMR