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  • P365 Trijicon RMRcc

    P365 Trijicon RMRcc

    This will allow you to mount the Trijicon RMRcc on your Sig P365 without any mounting plates. This program allows you to keep your factory rear dovetail, so you can cowitness with iron sighs. The top of the red dot base is roughly .225" above the top of...

  • P365 Holosun 407/507 K

    P365 Holosun 407/507 K

    This will allow you to mount your Holosun 507K red dot directly to your Sig P365 slide. This will keep your rear dovetail intact, allowing you to cowitness with iron sights. The top of the base on this red dot is .140" above the top of the slide, so you...

  • P320 Leupold Deltapoint Pro Milling

    P320 Leupold Deltapoint Pro Milling

    Send in your P320 slide to be milled for a Leupold Deltapoint Pro. Milling will keep your factory dovetail location, but not all sights will fit behind the optic. Single color cerakote is included, but camos, themes,etc can be done for an upcharge. 

  • Norssco Slide milled for a RMR with a Multicam Cerakote job Sig P320 RMR Slide Milling

    Sig P320 RMR Slide Milling

    Optic milling for the P320- Trijicon RMR/SRO/ Holosun 407c/507c/508t. In between the factory dovetails. Single color cerakote is included in the price, but camos, battleworn, themes, etc are available for an uncharge.   Sig slides are...

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