Tier 2 (Intermediate) 10/22 Trigger Work

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This sale is for services on your trigger group. Component pieces of your group can be upgraded, but you supply the initial group.



The Trigger Job
This trigger work has everything the basic trigger job has, so it's not a bad idea to at least skim the page to get some idea of what we are doing here. This job literally picks up where the basic trigger job stops. All of the same polishing/fitting/tuning happens exactly the same, but this job adds a couple of parts. Primarily, you are getting one of our CNC machined triggers. You can get that trigger in Standard width, which is still slightly wider than the factory, or Full Width. The Full Width triggers does NOT fit more tightly in the trigger group! They both require the exact same fitting; the only difference is cosmetics and the way it feels on your trigger finger. As such, the choice is strictly personal preference. Be very cautious before deciding on the Full Width trigger, because it does require permanent modification of your trigger group, and it feels VERY wide!
However the real difference is that these triggers allow the instillation of an internal, torsion-type, trigger return spring mounted on the trigger itself. This torsion spring system has no moving or sliding parts (unlike the factory plunger) which allows us to get the take up and the reset silky smooth. The hole for the original trigger return spring is then drilled out, tapped, and an overtravel stop is installed in that hole. This is a much cleaner and more solid method than the screw through the trigger design.  The overtravel stop makes the trigger feel vastly more crisp, and theoretically improves accuracy. 

If you are more serious about your shooting or interested in competing, but still working within a budget, this is the job for you. It will result in an excellent trigger pull for a fraction of the cost of a full after market group. Of course, there are bragging rights and a custom look which come with a billet CNC'ed trigger housing, which is certainly something to consider. That said, it's hard to replace a little time and skill in hand fitting with any number of shiny after market parts, and we can often produce a better trigger pull than most of the aftermarket groups. It's not surprising really, you're not paying us to produce parts, just polish and fit them. Most of the big companies have a ton of money invested in the tooling to produce these custom pieces, so to keep costs down they have to produce them in large numbers. By just re-working the factory parts, we can invest the time needed to really fit and polish the parts as they should be, and still keep the overall cost down.

Pull Weight
Gunsmithing like this is three parts art, one part science, and one part black magic. After all, we are modifying factory parts from a company who isn't known for their precision machined parts. As such it is difficult or impossible to hit an exact finished pull weight. And then when you figure the differences in HOW a pull weight is measured, different scales, even variations in component alignment before and after shipping, asking for a specific weight is just asking for disappointment. 

So. We have two options. The first is what we call the sweet spot, and that's where your trigger naturally wants to go, and where it's going to feel best. It's going to land between 2 and 2.5lbs, and it will feel great. This pull weight range is safe for this trigger group, it's light enough for target shooting, but not so light as to be unsafe for a beginning shooter, or a hunter. If you have a specific weight in mind (for example, you want it as light as it will go) feel free to make a note of that on your order when you send it in, and we will see what your trigger can do to accommodate that. 
The second option is 3+ lbs. This option is for folks who shoot in certain competitions that require at least a 3lb trigger. A 3lb weight will be hooked to the trigger, and the trigger will need to be able to pick up that weight. We do NOT recommend this pull weight for most people!! I understand that it doesn't sound like much of a difference, but when you have this trigger next to a 2.5lb trigger, it will feel significantly heavier and less precise. Unless you are confident that you are going to be shooting in these competitions, I would strongly encourage you to purchase the Sweet Spot option. 

Trigger colors
Click on the image at the top of the page with all of the triggers, to see the available color choices. We are a Cerakote Certified applicator, and every trigger is coated here in house. These are the colors we commonly stock, but in the future there will be options for truly custom colors. We have edited the above image to appear as true as possible in color to the finished product, but understand that there could be slight variations on color from one batch to the next, or when displayed on different monitors. If you are getting other parts Cerakoted, it is always best to do everything at the same time, so that the colors all match exactly. 

There is a little metal tab on the bottom of the trigger housing, towards the front of the trigger guard. If you hold the bolt to the rear, push up on this tab, and let the bolt forward, it will lock the bolt open. This is used as a safety on ranges that require the action to be open when the range is 'cold', or for when you are cleaning the barrel. To close the bolt however, you need three hands. One to hold the rifle, one to pull back on the bolt, and the third to press up on that tab and somehow rotate it to the rear. It's a pain, and not exactly safe if you have a loaded magazine inserted. Our modification makes it so you still lock the action open exactly the same as before, but to close the bolt you just pull back slightly on the charging handle and let it go, just like you do with any other semi-auto firearm. The hold back will will drop out of the way on it's own when you pull back on the charging handle, without you touching the bolt release. This is NOT a last round hold open! No 10/22 built has a last round hold open from the factory. There is one company making them, Google it if you have more questions. We don't carry or install the part.

Shipping Information
Complete shipping instructions and information can be found here.

Return shipping and handling will be added to your order when you check out, regardless of how many trigger jobs you purchase. Once you have purchased this service you will get a confirmation email with all the shipping and packing instructions. Print that off, and include it with your trigger.

We are currently processing triggers on Tuesday and Friday, and doing trigger work seven days a week. This means that you may not get an email immediately when it arrives here, for example, if your trigger arrives on a Saturday. In this case, your trigger will not be opened, the order processed, and you emailed until the following Tuesday. If this is a rush project or it's been a while, feel free to contact us! We try to keep you updated of delays as possible, but we have hundreds of projects running at any point. When finished, you will get another email saying that your trigger is finished and shipped, with a tracking number. 

Thanks for your interest! Feel free to contact us at any point, and happy shooting.


163 Reviews

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    Better than $300+ triggers!

    Posted by Seth on Aug 18th 2021

    I have over a dozen 10/22 style rifles all with custom (non factory) triggers. This work is right up there with triggers that Ive spent $300 and over on! I now have three brimstone trigger jobs and plan on more!

  • 5
    Tier 2 (Intermediate) 10/22 Trigger Work

    Posted by Tim on Aug 16th 2021

    This compares favorably to the other , very pricey, drop in units on the market. The work is top notch. Stop thinking about sending yours in and do it. I am VERY happy with mine.

  • 5
    Trigger job on 10/22

    Posted by Tom Saugey on Aug 12th 2021

    The tier 2 upgrade for Ruger 10/22 changed my rifle from a good gun to a great one. I’m very pleased with Brimstones work.

  • 3
    Trigger pre-travel not the best.

    Posted by Timothy on Aug 11th 2021

    My hornet trigger came back with the zombie green trigger. Pre-travel was pretty draggy/stiff. Been shooting it alot.. starting to break in a little bit. Some CLP helped. But once I get to the "wall" she's very good. Maybe in time it'll get better. I hope so.

  • 4
    TIER 2 10/22 TRIGGER

    Posted by TERRY TUCKER on Jul 1st 2021


  • 5
    Tier 2

    Posted by Steve Martin on Jul 1st 2021

    I recently received my Ruger 10-22 trigger group back from Brimstone. I sent 1 BX and 3 poly standard & 3 aluminum groups. All had Tier 2 work along with mag release upgrade. Great service. Confirmed arrival and work to be done. Fast turn around. All 7 returned with 7 different colors returned less than a month! Quality is fantastic. All 7 were glass break crisp with solid pre travel. Tested and interchanged them in different rifles & 1 Charger. All worked even when interchanging. 5 of these are for SASP jr guns. I'm impressed with the quality work and will recommend this service highly. As the coach for our SASP team, this is a very good upgrade for reliable, repeatable performance.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 28th 2021

    Great work and quick turnaround. Took the rifle out this past weekend. Trigger breaks consistently at 2lbs with no take up. Highly recommend.

  • 5
    Frigging BADASS

    Posted by Nathabln on Jun 23rd 2021

    Frigging best investment for a 10/22 you can make. No tired wrists or strained fingers, just crisp breaks and great accuracy.

  • 5
    Ruger "Tier 2" trigger

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 16th 2021

    I have a very old Ruger 10/22 that was passed down to me many years ago. I've always enjoyed the gun, but that OEM trigger is so hard to pull! I got my trigger group back, and am very happy with the new feel! My trigger came back with a 2.8 lb pull, and virtually no slop in the take-up or over-travel. I love it!

  • 5
    trigger job

    Posted by Robert Newman Jr on Jun 3rd 2021

    2 lb clean break...no overtravel Good value and definitely recommended

  • 5
    Seems great! Can't wait to try it out!

    Posted by Unknown on May 26th 2021

    Got the unit back faster than expected! Dry fired a couple times and it is significantly better then OEM.

  • 5
    1022 trigger work

    Posted by Jimmy Jansen on May 11th 2021

    Exactly as advertised. I just wish I had done this years ago because my gun is better than new. This is the best money I have spent in a long time.