Gun Candy

Gun Candy


Gun Candy is... awesome. 

There, I said it. Look, it's hard to describe what you feel the first time you see a Gun Candy coated firearm. Here at Brimstone Gunsmithing we tend to take firearms pretty seriously. Aside from being how we feed our kids, we live, eat, sleep, and breathe firearms. (That also explains the persistent cough I suppose...) 






So the first time you see your favorite bad-ass firearm wrapped in what appears to be a sheet of glass that changes colors, it makes you feel funny things. Of course there's the struggle with it being non-traditional, but then you pick it up and... wow.



It just looks so crazy awesome that it's impossible not to love it. The coating is literally glass smooth, but that doesn't wash out the colors underneath. The base colors (whether they are solid or chameleon) are not only bright, they are vibrant. We've all seen bright colors where you look at it and you can only say, 'Wow, that's bright!' but it doesn't look good. This stuff has a depth and a vibrancy to it that strongly reminds us of a really really good base-coat/clear-coat automotive finish. And I think everyone knows what that looks like as well, when you look at it and say, 'Wow that's a cool looking color!' 

Also let me clarify, just because you CAN get weird with Gun Candy, doesn't mean you have to. Some of their darker colors are much more subtle; they look good all the time, and then really 'pop' when the sun hits them or something. Awesome, yet understated. The above rifle was done in Kraken as a base with a red stripe of Titan. This picture was edited to bring out more of the color that you see in the sun, but at first glance it's not super flashy. 

Gun Candy is an additive that you mix with other coatings. In our case, we get the little vials of powdered glitter and mix them with Cerakote High Gloss Clear, one of the most durable clear coats on the market. The color of the Gun Candy is also dictated by what you put underneath it, so 99% of the time (and if we are doing a Gun Candy job on your firearm), we do a standard Graphite Black Cerakote job over all of the individual pieces first. That is partially cured, then the firearm is assembled as much as possible so that all of the metal particles will lay in the same direction when the firearm is assembled. The Gun Candy gets sprayed and since the clear is an air dry finish, it then gets hung in a sterile environment to cure for five days. At that point the firearm is fully stripped back down, everything cleaned and inspected, then fully assembled and tested. You have a full Cerakote base coat/clear coat job on your firearm which not only looks amazing, it's just shy of bomb proof. 

If you're looking for something truly unique for your next project, this is the stuff. You can check out their website here. Feel free to explore their galleries and check out all the awesome colors that they offer; I promise that it'll be time well spent!