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Thanks for your interest in Brimstone Gunsmithing! Some common questions we get are: 

Are you open? Can I drop off projects? 
Yes and no. We are open and running, but we are not accepting walk in customers at this time. We are also not accepting ANY general gunsmithing work from the general public. We are still doing 10/22 parts and triggers, as you can purchase on our website here. If you are an agency or company looking to have multiple items worked on, please email below. 

What is your current lead time? 
We are aiming for a one-week lead time on trigger work. As a one-man shop, with this no longer being my primary job, that can fluctuate. 
As of 4/4/24, the next order I'm working on is #9502, putting our current lead time at roughly 3 months. We are working hard on getting that back down to our goal of one week. 

"I never got an email!! Why do you hate me???" 
We get variations on the above statement literally daily. Please understand. When you place an order on our website, I am not sitting at my computer waiting for that order, and firing off an order confirmation email the second you place an order. Our website automatically sends the email, and that email has all the shipping and packaging information. But, some folk's email sees that as spam, and puts it in your trash or spam folders. At this point, I haven't seen a single instance where that has not been the case, so check your folders. Also please understand that I would have no way of knowing if our website's email got put in your spam folder, or if for any other reason the email didn't go through. So please, don't be mad at me! If you placed an order and didn't get an email, you can send it in anyway. Please include a note with your name, email address, return shipping address, and your order number if you have it. Then you can ship your trigger to: 

2210 W. Main St, Ste 107-425
Battle Ground, WA 98604  


If you have any other questions, feel free to email or use the contact form below. 

Email :   (or use the contact form below)