Shipping Information


1. Trigger Work
Please do NOT ship us a trigger without purchasing the trigger work here FIRST! When you purchase trigger work here on our website, you will get an email with all the packaging and shipping directions. It works best if you print off that email and include it with your trigger. That email will have your order number, your contact info, and what exactly we are doing with your firearm. If you cannot print off that email, please include a note with your name, email address, phone number, what you are wanting done with the parts you are shipping, and most important, your return shipping address. 


We recommend cocking the trigger group, putting the safety on, and sealing it inside a Ziploc- type bag. Parts can fall out of the groups en route, and that's okay... as long as all the parts are here when the trigger arrives! You can package it in any kind of box or bubble envelope you like; these trigger groups are not delicate. We ship everything in a USPS Small Flat Rate Box, wrapped and packed in shipping paper. If you go to your local post office they will have those boxes available for free. 


For AR lowers, we recommend removing the stock to save on space. Package it tightly in an adequate size box so that it cannot move around or get crushed. If you're getting the reliability package at the same time, place your bolt carrier group and charging handle in a gallon size Ziploc bag, and wrap it up in packaging materials as well. 

2. Everything Else
If you are getting general gunsmithing work, Cerakote, or if you are getting trigger work done on an AR, GLOCK, or another firearm, you will have to ship the entire firearm to us. (For the AR's, you only need to ship the lower.) For a Glock, we need the whole thing. If you are getting Cerakote done on a 10/22, you only need to ship us the parts which are getting coated. 

Short answer: If you have any questions about what to ship on these projects, shoot us an email at 


3. Shipping Address
When you complete your order, the order confirmation will have our current shipping address. Please print off that confirmation and include it with your parts.