Cerakote makes hundreds of different colors and types of coatings, and those can be custom mixed to create literally any color you can imagine. On the surface, that sounds awesome. In actually practice it's... a little overwhelming. 

Below is a list of our most popular colors, and these are our current 'standard' stocking colors. Don't get me wrong, we can do your project in any color you want, but colors other than these may be subject to a small additional fee, and they may take a little longer overall. 

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  • Glock 19x Color

    Glock 19x Color

    This is a color that we custom mix to match the Glock 19x slide. This is, as you might guess, used almost exclusively for people who are having slide work done on their 19x, and want to return the slide to the factory color. 

  • Coyote Tan H-235

    Coyote Tan H-235

    A very popular color medium tan color, great for people wanting a more desert color, but a little lighter than the Magpul FDE

  • Magpul FDE H-267

    Magpul FDE H-267

    This color will obviously match (fairly closely) all of Magpul's Flat Dark Earth furniture, and it's also one of the most popular colors if you're looking for single-color option in desert environment. It's also a great color if you're looking for a two...

  • Magpul OD Green H-232

    Magpul OD Green H-232

    One of the most popular dark green options out there. This is great for people wanting a military look for their firearms. For example, a pump action shotgun with the barreld action done in OD Green with the furniture left in black gives it a real...

  • Tungsten H-237

    Tungsten H-237

    Another extremely popular Cerakote option, Tungsten is a very dark grey with some metal flake in it. It gives the impression of a dark stainless often times. This is a great color for someone looking for a slightly brighter color than Sniper Grey, but...

  • Sniper Grey H-234

    Sniper Grey H-234

    One of our most popular colors, Sniper Grey is a smooth dark grey with no metal flake. It excels as a slightly custom, factory looking, option. In other words, if you want to coat your slide in a non-black color, but you want it to look like you may have...

  • Burnt Bronze H-148

    Burnt Bronze H-148

    Burnt Bronze is a very popular color for people who are looking for something a little more flashy. Please keep in mind that the finished product generally ends up seeming a little 'brighter' than the pictures here would suggest. 

  • Graphite Black

    Graphite Black

    Graphite Black is easily our most popular color. This is a very durable finish that closely resembles a lot of factory coatings, including a bead-blasted bluing. If you are trying to match a high gloss blued finish, this is NOT the product for you. But...

  • Satin Aluminum

    Satin Aluminum

    Satin Aluminum is a popular color. At it's core, this is a very light grey with a significant amount of bright metal flake in it. This color is a pretty good representation of a bright, bead-blasted, stainless steel or aluminum.  

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