Price List

Gunsmithing Price List


This is a price list for walk in customers ONLY! We do not offer all these services through the internet, and similar work may be priced differently.

These prices are a guideline only. Actual quoted prices may be higher or lower depending on the details of the project, but you can always request a quote when dropping off your firearm, which will be recorded on your invoice.

We are a general service gunsmithing shop. The prices listed below are for standard projects, but it is by no means a comprehensive list of services we offer. If you have any other project in mind, no matter how crazy, give us a call or just stop by! Odds are, we've seen something similar and can help you with your project. 

General Firearm Services                              

NOTE: As a rule, we do NOT repair any antique .22's, or any off-brand firearms such as Jennings, Hi-Point, H&R Revolvers, Air Rifles, etc. There is an exception to every rule, but be aware that most of these we will not work on. If the firearm currently functions and you want us to restore it cosmetically (Cerakote, stock refinishing, etc) we can do that on a case by case basis.