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We appreciate you using email to contact us. We are a small shop, and time on the phone is time we can't be working at the bench. 

Please include as much information as possible about your questions. Sometimes walking through your question from the beginning is the best way.

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39708 NE 216th Ave.
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General service gunsmithing with solid customer service at a reasonable price. Our goal is to provide a quality product within a reasonable amount of time, and still let you keep your firstborn. More than anything, we will never try and just sell you something. We believe in talking with you and matching your needs, goals, and budget, with the best 'bang for your buck' option.  


Taking Precision to New Heights

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I’m not saying that we can’t build a safe queen. I’m saying that we prefer not to. Any gun we build is meant to be shot; it’s created to be run hard and put away wet. We want to build a firearm that will shoot better than you can, that you can frankly abuse and still pass on to your grand kids. And best of all, you can still show your spouse the receipt...