Brimstone Custom 10/22 Trigger

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This is our billet machined trigger ONLY. Just the trigger. Not a trigger group. Not a trigger job. Just the trigger, our torsion spring, two set screws, and the tools you need to install it. 


Let me repeat. This is just the machined trigger, like in the picture to the. Just so we are all clear. So don't buy this and then complain when ONLY A TRIGGER shows up in the mail. Because I know someone is going to do that... 


Our triggers are available three ways: 

1. The trigger blade only. This trigger blade is a direct replacement for the factory one, and will work just fine with your factory trigger return plunger. However, it will ONLY be a cosmetic upgrade; you should not expect any improvement in trigger feel or function over the factory. I mean, yes of course this trigger will feel different under your finger, but it will not in any way change the trigger pull. 

2. The trigger blade with our torsion trigger return spring, and the two set screws required for it to work. This trigger has been machined to accept the torsion trigger return spring. Two holes will need to be drilled and tapped (please see the Brimstone Trigger Kit Guide here for more information before buying), one which will hold the other end of the torsion spring, and a second which will go in the factory trigger return spring hole, and act as a very clean and inconspicuous overtravel stop. 

3. The trigger blade, torsion spring and set screws, and the #29 drill and 10-32 tap needed to install it. If you don't already have these tools, here you go. I would also suggest that you should probably have a drill press, a small file, and a tap handle if you are going to install the kit. It is NOT drop in, but it is one of the best/cleanest set-ups out there when installed with care. 


This will ONLY work with the factory 10/22 trigger groups! In case you've been living under a rock in the 10/22 world, you're aware that Ruger and other companies (such as Thompson Center, Volquartsen, etc.) are making other trigger groups which claim to be compatible with the Ruger 10/22. And while that is true, that does not mean our trigger will work in their trigger groups. This will ONLY work in standard trigger groups, either older aluminum or newer polymer. This is NOT compatible with BX internals, and we do not make any claims as far as compatibility with any other companies internals.  


Again, the trigger blade alone will only be a cosmetic upgrade, really. The trigger with our torsion spring will usually greatly assist in cleaning up the trigger movement, dialing out the over travel and making the 'stages' in the trigger press much more noticeable. 


THESE ARE NOT DROP IN! They will require some fitting, and if you elect to get the (awesome) trigger return spring kit, that will require permanent modification to your trigger housing. Read the directions below, and make sure that you are comfortable with the work before you order the parts. 


(We are working on a video for installing these triggers, but until then all we have is this write up. If you're just buying the trigger, the Brimstone Trigger Fitting Guide is all you'll need. If you're buying the full trigger Kit, you'll ALSO need the Brimstone Trigger Kit Installation Guide

19 Reviews

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    Brimstone custom 10 22 trigger

    Posted by Michael Sharp on May 16th 2020

    Excellent addition to my 10-22, easy to install with the kit I purchased with the trigger

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    Trigger and kit

    Posted by Craig Fox on Apr 20th 2020

    I've bought 3 trigger kits so far and all I can say is AMAZING trigger pull, feel and looks! For anyone that's not sure about the purchase or the fact you're worried about not installing correctly, I promise it's very easy and you won't be happier. Great product.

  • 5

    Posted by John Heinmiller on Mar 4th 2020

    Zombie green trigger. The only place to find one is here. Nice workmanship and service

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    Ruger 10/22 trigger KIT

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 19th 2020

    I had an opportunity to install the Ruger 10/22 trigger KIT since my last review. Thanks to the excellent instructions on your website, installation was easy. The difference it made in the trigger pull weight and feel is astounding. Even my wife noticed and favorably commented on the difference.

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    Custom trigger KIT

    Posted by Ruger 10/22 trigger KIT on Jan 17th 2020

    Trigger is well machined. All parts were in the package. Well written instructions with photographs are provided on Brimstone site. You will need a tap handle and drill.

  • 5

    Posted by Guy on Nov 3rd 2019

    Initially the trigger arrived not as I expected but after contacting their customer support David went out of his way to ensure I was totally satisfied. You have to admire a company that does that. Anyway, back to the trigger itself, I just wanted the trigger to be a different color to contrast my almost fully black gun (I choose the Titan Red) and this does the job perfectly. Easy to install, looks great and so far working without any issues. Highly recommend

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    Ruger 1022 trigger

    Posted by bill on Jul 24th 2019

    This is the second trigger I've purchased from Brimstone and the quality is excellent. Both are well machined and feel great in use, won't install anything else on my 1022s from now on.